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More than 15 Years of Experience Transforming Fashion Brands into Retail Icons.

Welcome to Mark Agency, where fashion and marketing merge to create memorable campaigns. With more than 15 years of experience in the fashion sector, we specialize in taking retail brands to the next level, taking care of all stages of promoting their products.
Why is Mark Agency the Right Choice for your Fashion Marketing?
Proven Experience: Our long history in fashion marketing makes us experts in understanding the nuances of this dynamic and stylish market.
Complete Disclosure Services

Campaign and Ecommerce Photography

We create images that not only showcase your products, but tell a story, capturing the essence of your brand.

Films for Advertising

We produce impactful audiovisual content, ideal for advertising campaigns that leave a lasting impression.

Seasonal Campaigns

We plan and execute seasonal campaigns that capture the essence of the seasons, keeping your brand relevant year-round.

Social Media Management

Our team specialized in social networks knows exactly how to engage your target audience, increasing visibility and connection with the brand.

Personalized Approach: Every brand is unique, which is why each strategy is meticulously customized to reflect the heart and soul of your fashion or retail brand.

Campaign Analysis and Monitoring


Casting of Models and Influencers

Website Creation

Sending Emails

Branding Strategy

Online Sales Strategy

Catalog Development

Studio and Outdoor Photography

Paid Traffic

Social Media


Videos, Films and Making Of

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