Marketing campaign

The campaign represents the socio-environmental integration of your company. Integrating your company with your customers, suppliers, environments and potential community, in addition to passing the right message, is the only way to increase your sales and measure results.

Web Design

Your site should work healthily. For this to happen, it must be prepared according to your business needs. Just like an organism, all the tools on your website should work properly. Have a good navigability, a good structure. And thus, generate more results.

Graphic Design

The graphic design of your company represents the aesthetics of your business. Words, colors, symbols should be selected according to the analogy of your brand.


Much more than putting together a campaign, it is communicating the collaborators. This is the best way to make your company work its way to success and get quick and accurate results.

Communication Consulting

A specialist consultancy is vital to re-adjust your communications investments, turning your audience into ambassadors of your brand. With this advice, we make the diagnosis of the best communication strategies integrated into marketing and structure in a complete communication planning, which involves integrated variables.

Branding Strategy

Your brand is everything. But for this, it needs to express the VALUES of your company, and these values, in turn, should represent your ideals, feelings and perspectives of the target audience, thus generating a deep IDENTIFICATION. Nestlé, for example, passes confidence, sweetheart. Harley Davidson, freedom, Hugo Boss, passes sophistication. And so on. We do a whole study of brand strategy, and its dismemberment in all the communication variables of the company.

Corporative Identity

The visual identity is the set of formal elements that represents your company. This set should be designed according to the personality of your business, and the perceptions it wants to convey to the market.


Here, we take care of your event! From the theme, script development, decoration, advertising material, down to the technical and operational details, with all the structure for your event to enter into history.


Your business beyond the physical store.
Ever thought of being able to generate content e-books for your customers? With this in mind, Mark Design develops all kinds of e-books so that you can present your customer in the best way. We also make interactive catalogs and presentations in PDF.

Social Media

Being present in social media is vital to business health. In addition to knowing the profile of your audience, generate content and make direct sales, your company can launch directly to the customer: news, promotions and reviews of their products. We make the sac 2.0 of your company and we still measure monthly the results of the campaigns made in the chosen media.

Google Adwords

Increase your sales through Google Adwords. Make targeted, customized campaigns where you only connect with your chosen audience.

E-mail Marketing

Sending weekly news to your mailing approaches your customer’s contact. Send news about the company, launch a new product or specific campaigns for a targeted audience. We measure openness rates and follow all 3WC standards.

Contents for your blog and media

Need to leave your blog updated, but do not have time to write? Is your Facebook stand still and in need of strategic text? Mark Design develops the exact text for your brand. Our agency has qualified journalists who generate content according to the needs of your business. We do a detailed research about your products, trends and market, and thus we generate content according to your company’s need.